This City to City Moving Calculator will assist you in calculating the cost of moving house from city to city. This independent moving tool will provide you with a quote on what your move is likely to cost.
Moving From City To City

Please enter the cities you are moving from and moving to, by entering the first few letters of your city name, and then selecting your city from the list. The form is dynamic - so will instantly update as you change the various options. The driving route, by road distance, and a map showing the relative proximity of the two cities is provided below - please scroll down to see it.

Tip: Your quote will update dynamically whenever your change the residence type or select alternative options.


The form is dynamic, so once the cities that you are moving from and to have been entered above, then you will see the values in the estimate section dynamically updating as you change the form's parameters. You can also check the Assumptions Section and make any necessary changes to ensure that these values are appropriate for your circumstances.

Calculated Parameters

Map and Directions

The following map is provided to assist you with planning the logistics of your trip, and in determining the best route to take, places to stay etc, and even places of interest that you may wish to see along the way.

*City Distance data provide by Geobytes.

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